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創業1979年の老舗着物店"銀座もとじ"とファッションブランド"Jun Okamoto"のコラボレーションした着物のテキスタイルデザインを制作いたしました。

We produced a kimono textile design in collaboration with the long-established kimono shop "Ginza Motoji" founded in 1979 and the fashion brand "Jun Okamoto".

: Jun Okamoto

The collection theme is based on the story that he writes himself. Various scenes cut out from the poetic and ennui atmosphere of the story itself are seen from the perspective of her "her" clothes seen by the main character "him" of the story. Innocent colors and feminine details Expressed in the women's line and the men's line.

: client | Jun Okamoto,銀座もとじ
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